I’m pretty sure no collective has created a Rock n Roll sound this pure since Iggy Pop recorded the Passenger. There’s just something so archaically sweet about the Dround Hounds.

The Atlanta, Georgia based Rock n Roll powerhouse aren’t shy about their rhythmically raucous yet at the same time sonorously sweet soundscape. The dround hounds don't just carry synergetic melodies and the weight carried by the souring guitar riffs, they also capture the essence of the vocalist’s passion for the ultimate emotive effect. Usually when you’re faced with a Rock n Roll band, it’s impossible to just slip into the sound and appreciate the aural alchemy, but that’s just what the Dround Hounds invite you to do with their seamless chord progressions and enigmatic vocal styling.

You can check out the Dround Hounds along with their entire 2018 album Broken Hearts & Drunk Feet on Spotify now. Don’t they just have a way with words?!

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Review by Amelia Vandergast

The Dround Hounds are Ryan Slice on guitar/vocals and Lindsay Slice on drums.